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Start your track without mixing problems!

Pre-mixed KICK and BASS Multi-Sample WAV Pack
Kick and Bass in all variations (tempo, pitch, beat, pattern) are pre-mixed
phase-optimal and loudness-maximized.

Comes with presets ready for use with free VST sampler plugins
like DecentSampler or sforzando SFZ Player

100% Royalty-free samples

EUR 19.0 EUR 39.0

Find all our Sample Packs here
(more sound packs will follow).

Unique Energetic KICK and BASS-Line Mix-Loops

Clean Sound – Precise Timing – Optimal Mixed



    – Contains 5 Kicks each mixed in 11 Tempi with 22 tones C1 – A2
    – Sampler Presets for VST plugins in .sfz format and .dspreset DecentSampler.
    – BPM Tempi : 120, 130, 135, 138, 140, 142, 145, 148, 160, 170, 180.
    – Total 1210 WAV Loops: (5 kicks * 11 tempi * 22 tones)
    – All files are labeled by bpm and tone (for easy search)
    – WAV files, 44.1 kHz, 16 bit, mono

    – Contains one Kick mixed at 148 BPM with 11 tones E1 – D2
    – Sampler Presets for VST plugins in .sfz format and .dspreset DecentSampler.
    – Is exactly as the PRODUCT, but limited in number of samples.
    – Is as clean as the product (NO watermarking!)


Listen to the Demo Sequences created in 148, 135, 170 BPM only with sounds from this sample pack.








Note: Demos are created without effects processing (just played with the sampler preset).

The different Kicks can be hered here.

How to use
The Kick and Bass loops are perfectly mixed,
    aligned in optimal phase and sample accurate timing,
    for different tempo from 120 to 180 BPM
    and 4/4 and 3/3 (triplets, trioles) patterns.

The Mixed Kick and Bass Loops are designed to contain the 8 patterns
    (K__ ; K_B ; KB_ ; KBB ; K___ ; K_B_ ; K_BB ; KBBB).

To access each pattern in the WAV files
– you can cut the loop in the DAW
or even better
– you can use the contained Sampler Presets
    in the formats : .sfz format, .dspreset DecentSampler
    with VST plugins, e.g.
    – free DecentSampler (Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS)
    – free sforzando SFZ Player (Windows, Mac)
For each Kick at each BPM there is a Sampler preset to play
    the Bass multi-sample from C1 – A2
    the Kick and
    the 8 Patterns.

How it works
With keyboard layouts for C1 – A2, the Bass note is easy to transpose and pitch for your bass melody. The 8 groove patterns of Kick and Bass are assinged to MIDI Note Velocity (easy to draw or enter in the sequencer).
Each note has the Velocity split as follow:

      K = Kick 
      B = Bass 

             per note C1 - A2
    Velocity   1/4 Pattern      
     120-127 |B>>>>>      | 1/8  long
     110-119 |B>>>        | 1/12 mid
     100-109 |B>>         | 1/16 short
       90-99 |B>> volumes | 1/16 short, variable volume
       80-89 |K  B  B  B  | the "KBBB" 
       70-79 |K     B  B  |
       60-69 |K     B     |  4/4 Beat
       50-59 |K  B        |
       40-49 |K   B   B   | the "KBB" 
       30-39 |K   B       | 
       20-29 |K       B   |  3/3 Beat (tiple, triole)
       10-19 |K   B       |
       0 - 9 |K           |  

Note: The 8 patterns (1-8) (of the Loop Samples) are located from Velocity 10 to 80 so it’s easy to remember.
     The broad ranges (10-19) are choosen to be easier hit by mouse editing.
     That’s why the patterns are in the mid range and the Kick at the botton velocity (0-9).
     And to have the basses at top velocity to play the sampler keyboard with the mouse (velocity of 127).

Hint: To enter velocity values for multiple selected notes, the fastest way is to type 11 or 44 or 66 e.g. in Ableton Live.
Hint: The patterns can be used as part, e.g. play only first half or 3/4 or 2/3 (depending on the 4/4 or 3/3 beat) of the pattern.
     The tricky mixing part that is solved with these samples is where the Kick and Bass plays together and overlap.

Note: To play the Bass at different volumes (e.g. to build a groove with alternating volumes)
     use the velocity range (90-99) where the Bass sound can be played in 10% volume steps : 90 = 10%, 91 = 20%, … 99=100%

     Velocity 90-99
     Variable volume remapping is possible in Decent Sampler.
     Variable volume remapping is not supported in the .sfz format (V1,V2) spezification.

Hint: Pitchbend MIDI controller automation can be used to pitch/bend the basses.
     Supported in sforzando.
     Not Supported yet in Decent Sampler yet.

FAQ (frequently asked questions)

Q: Can the Bass on the Kick changed in tonality?
A: Yes, play the patterns on the desired note.
The patterns can also played partially as long the note goes.
E.g. the “KBBB” pattern can be splitted in the Sample player by MIDI notes.
So a “KB” followed with different “B” “B” notes is possible.
Bring the melodies to PSY trance 😉

Q: Why are the loops mixed at different BPMs?
A: To allow to change the tempo without mixing problems.
Imagine the Bass is overlapping the Kick.
The staring position of the Bass on the Kick sample changes for a different BPM tempo.
That leads to phase problems in mixing (e.g. bass canceling) and reduces the energy of the mix.
Thats why the mixed loop is optimized individually for each different tempo.
And time stretching of samples never gives better results.

Q: Why are there patterns for KBBB and KBB?
A: To allow to have different grooves, both perfectly mixed without compromises.
The staring position of the Bass on the Kick sample changes
for different relative duration of a note, 4/4 or 3/3 (at the same tempo).
See above.

Q: Why Side-Chaining is not enough?
A: The mix is precisely side-chained also after an optimal phase alignment with the Bass.
This allows to maximize the Bass volume level on the Kick.
So the Bass can be mixed louder on the Kick. The KBBB and KBB pattern have more drive.
With Side-Chaining alone the Bass attack and Bass body is reduced to much.

Q: Are there more different Bass and Kick sounds?
A: YES – Find all our Sample Packs here (more sound packs will follow).

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A brand new collection of Kick and Bass Loops for Psytrance music production.
Kick and Bassline for Progressive or Full-On Psy-Trance or Psychedelic Trance, GOA-Trance or Electronic Dance Music (EDM), Techno, Synth-Pop, House, Club, ACID or electronic music or Bass Music or widely applicable.
Psytrance 踢低音循环 踢低音混音 踢低音混音的秘密 踢低音声音下载 download de sons de bumbo. segredos de mixagem de bumbo.

Licensing and Terms of Service

100% royalty free
With your purchase of the product we grant you (as the artist) a non-exclusive license to use the sounds 100% royalty free in your artisitc compositions productions (for commercial use).
But you are not allowed to resell or give away or sharing or exchange or provide access or provide access information to the product and the sounds in any form.

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