PSY TRANCE SYNDROME SOUNDS Volume 4 PreRelease – Trance Music Sound Library Sample Pack Kick Bass Loops for PSY GOA

Note: Volume 4 Full-Release is here (below is a Pre-Release)

Psy-Trance Loops @ 140 BPM – Kick with Bass (SYNDRM-Vol4-PreRelease)
Driving Basses, Stomping Kicks,
Loud and Clean, Punchy Sounds,
Optimally Processed,
Production Ready Mixed.

95 different mixed Kicks and Basses
in C# D E F F# G G# A A#
@ 140 BPM (4 beats repeats each).
It’s built up from
5 different Kick sounds and
~90 different Bass sounds

Note: The SoundCloud demo above contains audible watermarks, because we present the whole product.

The purchased product sounds contains NO audible watermarks.

The downloadable zip file contains two WAV files (44.1kHz 16Bit Mono)
– Kick with Rolling 4/4 Bassline @ 140 BPM (2:43 Minutes)
– Kick with Rolling Triplet Bassline @ 140 BPM (2:43 Minutes)
With four beat repeats each, to hear the groove well when listening through and select the loop.

If you have purchased them, you may use them in your own commercial music compositions.
Note: Corresponding 4/4 and Triplet loops are included (but not at the same time position).
Note: Bass pitch appear in random order and is not labeled.

Kick and Bass are the foundation of every song.
If these are solidly laid, they can be built upon without problems.
Nothing collapses, nothing stops your song, YOU get into flow and your creativity can complete.
Let the best driving beat pull you to create your song. Instead of drifting into time-consuming sound design and mix technical problems and not moving forward and being dissatisfied with your mix compared to top music productions. Just pick and cut out the loops of your choice and start producing creative music.

All sound design and mixing tricks are applied.
Compare the kick and bass loops with the hottest of the top label artists and decide for yourself, how much time and works, how many expensive plugins and year long knowhow you can safe to immediately reach a new level of sound.
Use the sounds before others discover them (and tell your friends of course).

Note: Volume 4 full release is here

Introduction price for limited time
EUR 12

Licensing and Terms of Service

100% royalty free
With your purchase of the product we grant you (as the artist) a non-exclusive license to use the sounds 100% royalty free in your artisitc compositions productions (for commercial use).
But you are not allowed to resell or give away or sharing or exchange or provide access or provide access information to the product and the sounds in any form.

Products are delivered digitally as zip file via download links once payment has been made.
Check the demos to decide if you like it and if the data format is compatible with your use before purchase!

No Refunds, no exchanges because of digital delivered data products.
If you are not sure this is the rigth product for you and you have questions about it please contact us.

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