Mastering Mixing process of Psy Trance Kicks and Basslines with optimized pre-mixed WAV Loops Samples Pack including SFZ Sampler Presets for Sub Bass Drum Beat Patterns with free Demo download

The PSY TRANCE SYNDROME SOUNDS Volume Series (3 and 2) are Sampler Presets (in SFZ and DecentSampler format) that plays perfectly phase aligned and RMS-maximized clean mixed KICK and BASS sound samples at various BPM-tempo and note-pitches.
It’s based on Multi Sample Pack that contains the Bassline patterns with different massive Kick Drum sounds.

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Volume 3
Volume 2
Volume 1

    The Sample Packs takes away the time-consuming mix optimization of KICK and BASS and provides clear concise energetic sounds as a massive foundation for creative music.
  • Competitive volume (loudness war, louder mix)
  • No extra VST plugins needed
  • Tested on various sound systems

    Realize your melodic bass ideas directly and it sounds immediately good mixed while doing it.
  • That keeps you in the drive and flow to finish it to melodic and groove perfection.
  • Using midi notes and velocity in the sequencer to have the KICK+BASS mix optimally under control.
  • Use the time for musical creativity. Create individual basslines and convince with a perfect mix!
  • Reuse and multiple use. Many artists are using the same kick and bass sounds for multiple tracks.

    Ready made to use in production.
  • For various tempo from 120-180 bpm and notes from C1-D2 and 3/3 and 4/4 beat and 5 different kicks.
  • Creative freedom in melodic and beat pattern, from short to long basses, without phase cancelling in the Mix of Kick+Bass.
  • Solid sounding pre-mastered kicks and bass are rendered to WAV files.
  • Always perfect stable timing in every DAW. No latency and timing problems.
  • No need to cut and slice samples and arrange them in the DAW, thanks to precise sampler presets (.sfz and DecentSampler).
  • With no time used for mixing and production and no expensive complicated extra plugins needed.
  • Reproduceable sound in other DAWs and after software updates.

    No mixing problems.
  • No effect plugins needed.
  • No time and knowledge needed to fiddle the mixing and processing settings.
  • No such production mixing technical problems : latency, phase alignment, low-end phase cancelling, phase shifts, pre-ringing, post-ringing, polarity flips, attack smearing, clipping, glitches, clicks, random hick ups, noise attenuation, CPU overload, side-chaining mistakes, glue compressor fails, no need to search for an another kick and bass YouTube tutorial video for kick+bass processing and mastering …

How to Mix KICK and BASS with less effort – A Sample-Pack Preset loaded in DecentSampler (VST) in Steinberg Cubase arranging Kick and Bass pattern at 148 BPM.

How To Align and Mix Kick and Bass for Psy-Trance in less Time and without Effect Plugins in Ableton Live.

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