SYNDRM-PSYm005 KICK BASS LOOP – grooving Bassline Sequence Patterns – Sample Pack for PsyTrance

SYNDRM-PSYm004 KICK BASS LOOP Patterns – grooving Kicks + Rolling Bassline Sounds – Sample Pack for PsyTrance

SYNDRM-PSYm005 – KICK BASS LOOP Sequence Patterns

Our mini sample packs give you access to professional kick bass loops as a basis to start, remix, remake or uplift your track.

Without many hours fiddling around in processing until sound selection fits, sound designs grooves together and especially the mix is clean and loud in the low frequency range thank to the optimal phase aligned mix.

Find the most driving and groovy kick and bass loop to make your track more outstanding.
Multiple loops in the exact same BPM provides easy exchangeable kick and bass mixes in other variations for your track.

All content from the mini sample pack is in the demo (watermarked) – you can hear upfront what you get. Even you can put the demo loop into your track to hear if it fits, and buy later.

In brief

  • Kick bass loops as a basis to start, remix or uplift a track
  • Clean and loud sounding mix, optimal low end
  • Complete sample pack loops as demo see below, know what you get
  • Try before you buy


  • 9 Kick Bass Pattern Sequences 147 BPM, G (straight 4/4 and triplets 3/3 beats)
  • 1 Kick
  • 2 Bass
  • 100% Royalty-Free
  • files are key and tempo labeled.
  • compatible with any music software, (WAV, 44.1 kHz, 16 bit, mono)


EUR 15.0
PayPal forwards to download link.
Download is a 2.2 MB zip file.

Note: After PayPal payment, if you have download problems, please first contact us at SYNDRM@FunctionalSoftware.NET we will send you your private download link within one day.

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Note: The demonstration audio samples may include audible watermarks (the product remains unaltered).

Hear the KICK BASS LOOP Sequence Patterns on SoundCloud and YouTube.

Introducing new Kick and Bass Sequences mini Sample Pack for Psy-Trance : SYNDRM-PSYm005 – 147BPM G
Introducing new Kick and Bass Sequences mini Sample Pack for Psy-Trance : SYNDRM-PSYm005 – 147BPM G

Licensing and Terms of Service

100% royalty free
With your purchase of the product we grant you (as the artist) a non-exclusive license to use the sounds 100% royalty free in your artistic compositions productions (for commercial use).
But you are not allowed to resell or give away or sharing or exchange or provide access or provide access information to the product and the sounds in any form.

Products are delivered digitally as zip file via download links once payment has been made.
Check the demos to decide if you like it and if the data format is compatible with your use before purchase!

No Refunds, no exchanges because of digital delivered data products.
If you are not sure this is the right product for you and you have questions about it please contact us.

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